April 6, 2015 WOD: floor press, rows, crunches, wall balls

Today’s WOD was comprised of strength training and speed training.

Phase 1: Floor press

Since I am a paraplegic, I lack muscle control of my lower extremities below the pectoral line. As a result, the bench press represents a unique challenge. The pressing part isn’t the problem; but rather, the balance and stabilization that is generated through the legs. Without this stabilization, balancing a heavy weight and being able to exert maximum exertion becomes a greater challenge.

The two solutions I apply are:

  1. Use lower weights and higher reps
  2. Do the movement resting on a mat on the floor

Today I did the press off of the floor. While range of motion is limited, it still provides good strength training for the muscles I am targeting. I focused today on higher reps with lower weight. I found my max weight at 165lbs for 6 reps, and then dropped down to 145lbs and focused on getting 8-10 reps per set.

Phase 2

RX workout as prescribed: Complete as many rounds as possible in 6 mins of: 50 Row (calories)s 40 Sit Ups 30 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs, 10/9 ft


  1. 50% of Row (25 calories)
  2. 40 medicine ball crunches (10lbs)
  3. 30 wall balls (10lbs, 7 foot toss)

I was not able to finish the entire round in 6 minutes, primarily because the time required to transition from chair to floor and back up again cost me about 45 seconds. I ended up with only 10 wall balls (I finished the set after time expired).

Conversion: I cannot do a full sit-up because I lack the abdominal muscle control, so to approximate the necessary work load I lay on my back and hold a 10lb medicine ball in outstretched arms over my head. One rep is a movement from behind my head down to touching my hips with the ball.

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