Hero WOD: Michael; April 24, 2015

April 24 is a special day, because each year my Crossfit Gym schedules a Hero WOD called Michael:

3 rounds for time:

  • Run 800 meters
  • 50 Back Extensions
  • 50 Sit-ups

This is my favorite Hero WOD. It is the first one I ever attempted 3 years ago, and it has special meaning for me because the soldier for which it was named after, Michael McGreevy, is survived by his wife Laura McGreevy, who is a Crossfit Nassau member.

McGreevy’s life should be remembered for many reasons, but one of which is the fact that he was one of the fallen soldiers who died on the Chinook whose mission was to extract the SEALS of Operation Redwing, which is remembered by Marcus Luttrell’s book, “Lone Survivor,” and the movie by the same name.

I love this workout.

The only significant adaptation required for me is the back extensions, also called “good mornings.”


  • 800 meters
  • 50 medicine ball crunches (10lbs)
  • 50 push-ups

The first time I attempted this workout, my time was over 50 minutes. This time, I finished at 27:05.

This is a great workout for wheelchair-bound athletes, and an excellent test for measuring improvement.

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