Personal goal: the wheelchair muscle-up

From nearly day 1, when I first learned about the fabled “muscle-up” in Crossfit circles, I knew that it was something that I needed in my repertoire because of its useful functionality, basic testing of strength and mobility, and because it’s so dang hard to do, for anybody.

Shortly after I started training on it, I set myself a personal goal. Not only would I work to develop the muscle-up skill, but I eventually wanted to be able to do it while strapped into my wheelchair, which adds about 28lbs of additional weight (increase of about 17% total body weight).

I happened across another guy who apparently set his sights on the same goal, and he’s clearly well past where I want to get to, but it is good to see that this is a realistic challenge and this is what it looks like:

The lesson, as always – never be afraid to scale!

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