5/22/15 WOD: floor press EMOM, rowing into the weekend

Today’s workout was a focus on continuous, controlled exertion, followed by a 4 round, 3 station WOD.


Volume: 10 min EMOM Pistols

Conditioning: 4 rounds AFAP
250m Row
14 Empty Bar Thrusters
7 Pull Ups


Since I cannot do pistols and have yet to figure out a good approximation for it, we swapped in the bench/floor press (in the words of coach Tyler, “bench more!”). I did a 135lb press for 3-5 reps at a time every minute, on the minute (EMOM), for 10 minutes. Remember to focus on controlled decline and then explosive exertion while using proper bench technique.

Conditioning Adaptation

250m Row = 250m Row
14 Empty Bar Thrusters = 14lb wall ball
7 Pull Ups = 7 strict pull ups

The row is going to be slower than the rest of the group, since I don’t get full leg extension or the power that comes from the legs. For the other two movements, my goal was to do them unbroken, which I accomplished with the exception of the last set of pull-ups, which I had to break down into reps of 4 and 3.

Many thanks to Joe “3/4 Mountain” Villegas for his training and photography.

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