ParaWOD signs up for the Working Wounded 2015 Games


Let us call this a personal experiment.

If you’re like my family and me, you have spent a lot of time on Youtube and ESPN watching the Crossfit Games over the years. As the Games have gained in notoriety, their competitiveness and visual appeal has translated into a highly enjoyable experience where you not only get to witness the competition but observe athletes who can serve as models for your own workouts.

You may have even watched a few of my video clips here, where I’ve attempted to model some of the adaptations for workouts that my coaches from both Crossfit Nassau and Crossfit Impavidus have helped develop. What you may not know, but are about to learn, is that Impavidus helps out with an organization called the Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance. From their website:

Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance’s mission is to level the playing field for adaptive athletes by helping to facilitate the integration of permanently injured athletes into both the sporting community and the local community at large through sport and competitive efforts. Our most enthusiastic desire is to work as an advocate for adaptive athlete inclusion in sports and fitness worldwide.

In the same spirit as the Crossfit Games, Crossroads too has a flagship event called the Working Wounded Games, to be held November 7-8 in Lorton, VA.

It takes a lot to push the boundaries when a lot of times there is no trail blazed specifically for you. – Max Conserva

All this to say, I will be there. Not only am I preparing to go as a competitor (goodbye, bagels and pizza, hello sled pull), but I plan on working with both Impavidus and Crossroads to document the games, listen to some stories, and help provide a greater platform for athletic adaptation.

Stay tuned for more as the date approaches!

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