WheelWOD competitor Jedidiah Snelson shows how new mobilization tech helps adaptive athletes decrease soft tissue tension



One of the major issues that adaptive athletes face is in how to mobilize the soft tissue that tends to get gunked up through hours/days/weeks/years of non-use. I myself have longstanding issues with limited range of motion in my shoulders and elbows, and my scapular region is no slab of gelatin either.

Just like most cross-functional athletes, I spend the first third of each workout trying to mobilize these regions with various arrays of lacrosse balls, foam rollers, and barbells (but never the chance to try whatever this thing is). It’s about as uncomfortable for me as it is for everyone else, but with the added challenge of trying to get your body in the right position to maximize effect.

With this in mind, it was much to my surprise that across my LinkedIn feed today that I not only saw a piece of technology to address this very issue, but the article featured my new friend, monster adaptive athlete, and recently 2nd place finisher in the WheelWOD championships, Jedidiah Snelson, who demonstrates a piece of tech called the T-Dot Mobility System.

Adaptive athletes don’t have to be limited in their mobility work – Brett Burton

“The T-Dot is a great tool that allows for optimization of my mobility program. It allows me to do more detailed work with greater independence. The size of the system allows me to carry it with ease from home to gym and from competition to competition. It also allows me to do a greater amount of mobility and tight muscle release from my wheel chair and on my own. Consistency to mobility is the key, and with the universal use of the T-Dot, it allows me to be more consistent with my mobility.” -Jedidiah Snelson

Great job Jed, and I’m eager to try out this piece of equipment myself in the near future.

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