About ParaWOD

ParaWOD is a concept designed to take Crossfit and Crossfit-style workouts and address the limitations that people with physical disabilities face when they would like to be part of the workout experience but cannot participate in many of the programmed workouts due to the required movements.

The goal of ParaWOD is twofold.

1) To chart my own personal Crossfit-driven workout of the day (aka “WOD”), highlighting adaptations made as necessary;

2) To initiate what I hope will become a repository of workouts specifically designed or modified to fit the para-athlete’s physical abilities.

Sometimes these workouts will require scaling (i.e. replacing strict pull-ups with ring-rows) and other times it will require replacement (i.e. kettle-bell cleans replaces barbell clean).


I have been involved in wheelchair athletics and weight training since I was in high school. Aside from weights, I focused on basketball and tennis. I played competitive wheelchair basketball for a team located in Charlottesville, VA. I later coached a junior wheelchair basketball team in Fairfax, VA. Over the past 2 years, I have been a part of the Crossfit Nassau community in Princeton, NJ. The work of the coaches at that box have been instrumental both in reestablishing my workout regimen as well as apply their creativity and enthusiasm to adjust my workouts so that I feel like I am part of the community.

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