April 8, 2015 WOD: presses, chin-ups, crunches, sprints

Today’s WOD was comprised of 3 segments:

Assistance 1
A1. Press Complex
3 Press → 2 Push Press → 1 Push Jerk
work up to heavy in 6 sets
A2. Strict Chin Ups

Assistance 2
For Quality: 5 Rounds of…
20” – Tuck Sit or L-Sit
10 – Sit up to straddle
10 – Reverse Hypers

Every Minute on the minute complete the following:
30m Run – 30 Meter Line
Increase one 30m run every minute.

Phase 1:

My conversion for this WOD is as follows:

A1. Press Complex = shoulder press
Instead of the 3-2-1 complex, I worked up to my 3 rep maximum, which on this day was 105lbs on the barbell. Big thanks to my new friend Emma for spotting me. The shoulder press from a wheelchair can be a nervous experience, especially if your chair does not have anti-tipper  bars to prevent flipping over. It is critical to get the press as vertical as possible with the shoulders back and head forward, as this video shows:

If the trunk and abdominal region lacks muscle control (as does mine), staying vertical is a difficult challenge, as the tendency is to lean backward during the press, which turns it into something closer to an incline bench press instead of a shoulder press. The chair backing may need to be bolstered or even add a strap across the torso to keep upright without slouching.

A2. Strict Chin Ups – no conversion

Completed each set unbroken

Phase 2:

L-Sit = medicine ball crunches (20lbs)

Reverse hypers = plank push-ups on parallettes

Phase 3:

Sprint = sprint

Using my everyday chair, I completed 5 rounds only. I tried to do round 6 but could not finish. I rested for round 7, and then did another round 5 in the final minute My everyday chair is not optimal for this kind of workout. Next time I will use my sport chair, which allows for faster acceleration and tighter turns.